“If I wanted America to fail” (Link)

“If I wanted America to fail” “The environmental agenda has been infected by extremism — it’s become an economic suicide pact. And we’re here to challenge it.”                 —  Free Market America

Stop Obama’s Iran Deal! (Link)

Allen West and Mark Levin Discuss Iran Nuke Deal And Obama’s High Crimes and Misdemeanors (Link) End the Iran Deal Toolkit: (Link) ‘What Message Are We Sending?’ Col. Allen West Explodes On Obama, Iran Deal [VIDEO] (Link) BOMBSHELL: Devastating secret about the Iran deal Obama is desperately trying to hide (Link)  

Immigration (Link)

Sessions Applauds House Passage Of Legislation To Halt President’s Unlawful Executive Amnesty (Link)  www.NumbersUSA.com is a good site on Immigration.  Action Board can send out faxes to representatives for Free  FAIR: Federation for American Immigration Reform Judicial Watch: Immigration Illegal Alien Crime Accounts for Over 30% of Murders in Many States (Link) Audio: Mark Levin […]

Horror’s in Obamacare! (Link)

The TRUTH about OBAMACARE: Here A doctors perspective of what’s coming under Obamacare:  Link Article by CSteven Tucker: Obamacare: ‘A Health Care Reform for All’? Using ObamaCare To Create A Permanent Democratic Majority Read More At Investor’s Business Daily Obamacare Speaker Targeted by the IRS Our speaker at the October meeting on Obamacare, C. Steven Tucker […]

Stop Common Core in Illinois (Link)

COMMON CORE: ACTION PLAN Fed-Up Mother Tackles Common Core in Viral Video: ‘Parents Have NO Voice’ (Video) This Could Be One of the Best Cases Ever Made Against Common Core-No One Expected it to Come From A High School Student- (Video) Common Core Standards – Fact and Fiction (Video) Common Core 101 Stop Common Core in […]

Help Stop Voter Fraud in Illinois (Link)

An Inside Look at How Democrats Rig the Election Game: Link Federal Court Smacks Down Eric Holder’s Attack on North Carolina Voter ID: Link Defend the Vote is Working to STOP Voter Fraud in IL. Check out their website for updates on changes to the voting process here in THE MOST CORRUPT STATE: Defend the Vote Get […]

Smart Meter Awareness (Link)

Get informed on the dangers of Smart Meters! Say NO! Smart Meters violate our basic rights THORNER: SMART METERS: DON’T BE FOOLED. NO REAL BENEFITS, INCALCULABLE RISKS PT 2 Naperville Smart Meter Awarness Two Naperville Women Arrested for Refusing Smart Meter Installation When will your Smart Meter be Installed?  See Here