Stop Common Core in Illinois (Link)


Fed-Up Mother Tackles Common Core in Viral Video: ‘Parents Have NO Voice’ (Video)

This Could Be One of the Best Cases Ever Made Against Common Core-No One Expected it to Come From A High School Student- (Video)

Common Core Standards – Fact and Fiction (Video)

Common Core 101

Stop Common Core in Illinois (Facebook page)

Reading about Common Core can be overwhelming, to say the least!

I will attempt to keep this as basic as I can so if you are new to understanding Common Core these resources will be the most helpful!

First watch this set of videos (about 30 minutes long)

Next, read the 4 parts of “Rotten to the Core” that Michelle Malkin has written (this is part 4, check the bottom of this page for the other 3 parts. To be honest it was Part 1 that I first read that lead me to study and then fight CC)

“Common Core Common Sense: Why It’s Illiberal and Unconstitutional”

“Common Core’s Big Mistake-Messing with Moms”: Link

A Mother Speaks out:

Two moms against Common Core:

What is the P20 video:

This should be enough to keep one person busy for a day of research!

This is the most basic information I can find! If you have questions about how it happened in Illinois let me know or read my “Open Letter to the People of Illinois”:

The Frederick Douglass Foundation Condemns Installation of Common Core

Common Core ELA Informational Texts

I also wrote an “Open Letter to Parent’s of Public Schooled Children”:

And please sign the IL petition:

What can you do to Stop Common Core in Illinois:

1) Educate yourself (check the notes for helpful links)

2) Educate your friends

3) Share this page Stop Common Core in Illinois (Facebook Page) with them

4) Stop Common Core in Illinois:

5) Like and Share Truth in American Education  Facebook Page

6) Contact our state reps (check notes for sample letters)

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